For more than 30 years, POB has hosted a network of resource and support groups in Greater Washington. These groups provide emotional support, share assistive resources, and promote low vision awareness — helping thousands with vision impairment combat isolation and live productive lives.

The Network can connect you with others who understand your vision journey and can share insights on coping with vision loss. Group events can take the form of traditional support group sessions, technology demos, informational talks from doctors, and other educational events.

Where can I find a support group?

POB currently helps run 11 groups in the Greater Washington region. In addition, we maintain a list of other area support groups that may be closer to you. Call our Low Vision Learning Center at (301) 951-4444 to find a group or event for you.

We also publish Your Eyes Today, a monthly large-print newsletter designed for readers with low vision. It covers topics that are commonly discussed in low vision support groups, such as vision health and other helpful insights for persons with vision loss. It also publishes information on upcoming support group events.

Read our most current issue of Your Eyes Today or browse our archive of past issues.

For more information, contact:

Low Vision Learning Center
(301) 951-4444