Questions to Ask Your Doctor
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  1. What is the name of my eye condition?
  2. What is my visual acuity (central vision)? What is my visual field (side vision)?
  3. Am I likely to lose more vision?
  4. Are there other tests? What about a second opinion?
  5. Are there any surgical options? What are they?
  6. Is there any medicine that would help my condition?
  7. Are there any optical or non-optical aids that can help me use my remaining vision to the fullest extent possible? Should I have a low vision evaluation?
  8. Are there any mobility aids that can help me move around more safely?
  9. Do any of your other patients have this condition? Would they be willing to talk with me and my family?
  10. Do you have any educational materials which describe my condition? Are there any organizations that provide services to individuals with this or related eye conditions?