Children's Vision Screening Testimonials
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"Our pediatrician tested our 4-year-old son at his regular check-up by having him cover one eye at a time with his hand and reading the eye chart. However, when he was screened by the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington at his school, they detected a two-line difference between his right eye and left eye. I was very confused. How could he have passed an eye screening with our pediatrician, but not with the vision screeners at school?

We were invited to come for a re-test the following week where I was able to observe POB's children's vision screeners and their screening method. Again he received a non-passing score. I realized that POB's children's vision screeners use a reliable screening method where the child's eye is completely covered, whereas my son may have been peeking through his hand at the pediatrician's office! We now have an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist, and have POB's children's vision screeners to thank."

- The Hunter Family, Reston, VA


"I can attest to the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington's comprehensive follow-up referral program. My daughter had received a non-passing score when she was screened by POB's children's vision screeners at her school, and I received a referral letter with her score for the eye doctor. After a few weeks, I received a call to follow-up to check to make sure she had been scheduled to see an ophthalmologist and what the results were. Sadly, I had forgotten and misplaced the original referral letter!

Child receiving a vision screening.POB was gracious enough to send me another referral letter. Again I received another follow-up call within a few weeks asking for the completed referral form from the ophthalmologist. She was diagnosed with amblyopia and is now wearing an eye patch and glasses to help strengthen the eye that was not being used. Without POB's Children's Vision Screening program, there is a good chance Sophie's vision problems would have gone undetected and she could have permanently lost vision in this eye. I am extremely grateful for POB and their bugging ways!"

- Isabel and Sophie Rodriguez, Washington, D.C.