Guide: Reading Resources


The most common need for those new to vision loss is reading again. Luckily there are large-print, audio, and braille book services, radio reading and news services, and volunteer readers available. Your local library is often a great first stop for many reading resources. Call to learn about hours, applications, and more information.

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)
Phone: (800) 223-1839 Website:

Accessible educational, workplace and independent living resources for the blind/visually impaired.

Phone: 650-352-0198 Website:

Online accessible library. Download e-books on any device in audio, braille, large print, and more.

Choice Magazine Listening
Phone: 888-724-6423 Website:

Free audio magazine offering articles, stories, poems, essays and interviews read by human voices.

Library of Congress (LOC) National Library Service (NLS) for the Blind and Print Disabled
Phone: 202-707-5100 Phone: 800-424-8567 Website:

Free braille, large print, and audio book library service for people with a disability that prevents them from reading regular print. Postage-Free mail or downloadable. Call your local library for services.

New York Times Large Print Weekly
Phone: 800-631-2580 Website:

Top articles of the week. Call to subscribe.

NFB Newsline
Phone: 866-504-7300 Website:

Free radio reading service of local and national newspapers, job and TV listings, weather alerts and more. Computer voice. Phone app available as well.

Xavier Society for the Blind
Phone: 800-637-9193 Website:

Free religious, spiritual, and inspirational reading materials in braille and audio.

Metropolitan Washington Ear (MWE)
Phone: 301-681-6636 Website:

Free human voice local and national newspapers, public service announcements, listing of local live theatre, audio descriptions, and more.

DC Public Library Center for Accessibility
Phone: 202-727-2142 Website:

NLS program access point. Also have technology training for DC residents with vision impairments. Washington Volunteer Readers for the Blind (WVRB) program found here.

Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (MSLBPH)
Phone: 800-964-9209 Website:

NLS program access point for Maryland residents.

Alexandria Public Library Talking Books Dept.
Phone: 703-746-1760 Website:

NLS program access point for Alexandria residents. Located at Charles E. Beatley Library, 2nd Floor.

Arlington County Library Talking Books Services
Phone: 703-228-6333 Website:

NLS program access point for Arlington Co. residents. Located at Quincy Street Library.

Fairfax County Library Access Services
Phone: 703-324-8380 Website:

NLS program access point for Fairfax Co. residents. Located at Fairfax Co. Government Center, Suite 123.